CRMBabu is the Only Solution in the market that is developed taking care of small scale companies. Which is low cost yet robust solution. A properly pipelined flow of the solution which enables you to add leads from many messenger platforms like Skype, facebook messenger, WhatsApp, Viber, wechat and more will come soon.

CRMBabu is coming up with a client portal too where your new client can go and create his account to view his details or while creating a client from backend his login details are also being created.
Along with its multiuser with free access module "MEANS ANY USER WITH ANY ACCESS RIGHT" can be assigned besides making some hard-coded user role manager.

CRMBabu is a solution which is developed in a way to save your time by giving you options to make multiple templates of quotations, makes multiple price list with discount and price list validity which collectively enable you to work within a few clicks.